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There are plenty of ways to die in this world. Sometimes death finds us unexpectedly – after all, nobody is guaranteed from a car accident, or a brick falling onto one’s head from a rooftop, or even becoming a victim of a serial killer. Sometimes death results from a heavy disease or simply comes as a logical ending of a long and hard life, when our bodies are unable to function properly anymore. But some people look for death themselves and, ironically, often can’t die no matter how hard they try. The heroes of this hilarious and insane arcade belong to the last category. What makes things even more unbelievable is their reverend age – all of them are seniors with tons of wrinkles, sore back and walking canes! Nevertheless, they eagerly set out on a crazy adventure that is going to turn the entire city into a complete mess. Play Just Die Already and see if it’s really so easy to kill yourself, no matter how old you are!

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Suicidal retirees break loose!

The first thing you are about to do when you launch the game is pick your character. There is not much of a choice in terms of age – all of them are old as the world itself. But you can decide on the gender and customize the appearance of your hero. Once you’re ready, it’s time to join the maddest, most inhumane and unimaginable competition ever held within such an age group. The local nursing home, a popular and expensive facility taking care of old citizens, announced a contest with the most desired prize for every pensioner who has no family to support them through their last days.

The winner will get a bed a full board among the rest of the lucky seniors already living at this place. The only thing you need to do to become the owner of this reward… is survive through a series of crazy stunts and wild trials! Sounds frightening even for a young person. But our grandpas and grannies aren’t easy to scare! They are willing to battle for this brilliant opportunity, even it means ending up with their legs broken and their arms torn off! Yes, the action will be hot, but that’s what the game is all about – causing chaos, wrecking havoc and destroying everything within your reach, including your own old, fragile body!

Get thrilled and don’t get killed!

So plunge right into the epicenter of events and show what you’re worth! There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself here. You can creep out people in the streets by blowing a horn, performing insane bicycle stunts on the sidewalk or jumping out of windows. It’s always fun to pick up a fight, even if the chances seem uneven. Very soon, there will be a whole crowd of elderly people beating each other with the most surprising objects, including frozen fish, chessboards, rooted out trees and even body parts! By the way, losing one doesn’t prevent you from continuing your extreme endeavors – you can walk around just fine even without your head! And this is just the beginning. How about tying yourself to a rocket and starting off high into the sky? Or dropping from the mall roof with the intent of landing on one of your rivals and crashing them flat? Try all this epic ways to end your life in Just Die Already and hopefully you’ll live long enough to enjoy the comforts of the retirement residence!

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